Trident Powders can manufacture a wide variety of finishes to our powder products. Below are a few special finishes we can offer for powder coating,  get in touch today to learn more. 

  • Anti-Gassing

All of our stock products are produced with anti-gassing properties. There are various benefits of anti-gassing powders, such as greater coverage as the appearance of  bubbles on the coated metal is eliminated. This allows greater efficiency in production as no extra additive is needed.

  • Anti-Scratch 

Anti-scratch is ideal for products subjected to heavy handling and transportation, this finish offers better scratch resistant protection. Anti-scratch finish may result in less touch up and repair on site, the finish will also provide enhanced protection over standard smooth finishes.

  • Anti-Slip

 The texture of anti-slip powder is quite rough to increase grip and prevent slipping. Anti-slip powder is used for a wide range of surfaces such as, railings, decking, flooring and steps. 

  • Fire Resistant/Retardant

Fire resistant powder is useful for surfaces that are exposed to different levels of this is due to the powder being cured at extreme heat allowing the powder to withstand extreme heat. 

  • Hygiene coatings (Anti-bacterial & Anti-Microbial)

Anti-microbial is beneficial for surfaces prone to harmful bacteria’s. This finish is also resistance to yellowing and is durable for outdoor use. Hygiene coatings protect products form bacterial growths. It is most commonly used in public places such as hospital furniture, public furniture, bins, bathroom taps and elevators to name a few.

  • Lacquers

Lacquers are commonly used for alloys. As the lacquer protects the alloys against UV damage, light scratches and wash marks. Without the lacquer the surfaces will be at risk of chipping and scratching.

  • Nylon Modified

Nylon modified powder can be used on surfaces such as metal fences and hand rails. Nylon modified is hard wearing therefore resistant to scuffing, scratching and abrasion.​

  • Primers

Primers increase the resistance against corrosion and chemicals. Therefore primer is used in conditions where corrosion is likely to occur such as coastal environments, areas of high humidity and harsh weather.​

  • Ripple

Also known as Leatherette, the ripple effect can be used for objects such as garden furniture and hand rail. This effect can also be used to correct small imperfections. The ripple effect can be used for internal and external use due to the outdoor durability. It is hard to interpret ripple effect on images, so do enquire for a sample panel to see the ripple effect on metal. 

  • Soft Touch

A soft touch finish creates and smooth looking and feeling surface, also being finger print resistant. Although the finish is soft it is still durable, and is only available in Epoxy chemistry. ​

  • Texture

The texture effect has a very sandpaper like finish. A texture effect would be recommended for objects likely to be scratched due to its high durability and resistance against scratching. The outdoor durability is very high. Texture effect has a deep paint coverage therefore offers a more consistent colour.

Get in touch with us today to create the perfect special finish for your desired colour. Email us or call our sales team on 01256 357348