In today's world where Covid 19 has highlighted how easy it is to spread germs, and how important it is to stay safe, the need for hygiene in our daily lives has never been so prominent. Anti-microbial protection or anti-bacterial properties is now a key requirement for powder coating

As one of the most innovative and agile powder suppliers in the UK, Trident Powders are passionate about delivering powder coating solutions that exceed our customers' need and we have a large range of Anti-microbial powder, sometimes known as Anti-bacterial powder in our product range.

Anti-microbial powder can be used in the powder coating process when painting metal to deliver a protective anti-bacterial element that prevents bacteria from regrowth on a surface, helping to prevent the spread of germs.



Bespoke powder coating using Anti-microbial powder to deliver a protective anti-bacterial element preventing bacteria from regrowth on a surface.

Key elements of Anti-microbial Powder:

  • Minimises the risk of transfer of bacteria
  • Prevents bacteria from regrowth on a surface
  • Helps prevents the spread of germs
  • Available for internal or external use
  • Is ECO friendly TGIC-free

Anti-microbial powder is Ideal for use in:

  •  Hospitals/Care homes 
  • Hand sanitiser stations 
  • Door Handles
  • Desks, chairs & furniture
  • Schools & playgrounds
  • Medical supplies
  • Public transport

  • Packaging facilities
  • Parcel collection

  • Food production facilities
  • Point labs
  • Gyms & Equipment 



At Trident Powders our chemists are constantly striving for quality across our product range, and our Anti-microbial powder range is no exception.

Our Anti-microbial powder range includes a number of powder finishes & colours, we can also colour match any sample to suit your requirement without compromising on standards.

Powder Finishes available in our Anti-microbial range.

Colour match with our Bespoke Made To Order service.

We can colour match, create, and deliver your Bespoke Anti-microbial powder within 3-5 days, or use our unbeatable EXPRESS service and have it delivered in 2-3 days.

For more information on our bespoke collection of Anti-microbial powders, or any of our other products email or call on 01256 357348