Trident Powders Limited are a UK manufacturer of powder used for powder coating.

Based in Basingstoke, Hampshire we operate from an 18,500 sq/ft facility equipped with the most innovative powder coating machinery, along with testing equipment to ensure quality and performance every time. 

We have a wealth of expertise and knowledge with more than 30 years experience within our team, and can offer technical advice and expertise on the best solution for your particular needs, along with friendly after-sales support & account management.

Founded in 2016, with a goal of modernising powder manufacture and supply, becoming not just a supplier but a partner to coaters, manufactures, architects, and design houses alike, we are proud to be the UK’s most innovative powder manufacturer to enter the market in the last 30 years.

At Trident Powders our core strength as a powder manufacturer is our ability to provide high quality bespoke powder solutions that fit exact requirements of colour, gloss and surface effect, as well as functional elements including chemical resistant epoxies, anti-gassing polyesters, anti-bacterial, anti-slip elements, and many post formable products to name but a few! 

All of our bespoke made to order powder products can be offered from 5 Kgs and above, with an unbeatable lead time of 3-5 days. Offering you the opportunity to give your customers the flexibility, quality and speed of response not seen in today’s marketplace. We understand the urgency of a speedy turnaround and also offer an EXPRESS service with powder manufactured and delivered within just 2-3 days.

Powder coating is an alternative coating to wet paint, offering a more durable, high-quality finish. Traditional used in coating metal to prevent corrosion, today with its many finishing effects, functional and environment benefits, it is now used on a variety of products in almost every major manufacturing industry, from engineering machinery, laboratory and hospital equipment to furniture & household items.

We can match any Pantone, RAL Design or NCS colour references and many more. View our Bespoke made to order collection HERE.

We also hold an extensive range of RAL Classic and British Standard stock powder for next day delivery. All of our stock powders have anti-gassing properties.  View our stock powders HERE                          


  • 18,500 sq/ft facility in Basingstoke, Hampshire
  • UK based management Team 
  • Fully scalable to meet demands
  • Unbeatable lead-times on MTO 3-5 working days
  • Free next day delivery on stock 
  • Made in Britain certified


  • Manufacture and delivery on bespoke powder.
  • Colour created to your requirements
  • Finish custom built to your needs
  • Mix and match colour, functional elements and finish
  • Flexible order quantity to reduce waste
  • Match sample panels and colour references
  • Same day quotes 


  • More than 30 years experience in the team 
  • Offering technical advice and consultation 
  • Friendly account management 
  • Great in house sales support

To find out more get in touch today to see if we can match your sample, or any colour reference you may have.     

 Email us or call our sales team on 01256 35734