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 Extensive Range of NCS Colour Powders for Powder Coating

At Trident Powders Limited we carry a vast collection of NCS Colour powders.  

NCS stands for Natural Colour System and is a common colour system used in Europe among designers and manufacturers.

View our selection of NCS Colour Powders below

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Free Next Day Delivery

We offer FREE NEXT DAY DELIVERY on all of our NCS colour powders.

NCS: Natural Colour System®© property of and used on licence from NCS Colour AB, Stockholm 2019

402 products found in NCS

NCS S 0540 Y80R
  • From £35.00
NCS S 1002 Y
  • From £35.00
NCS S 1500 N
  • From £35.00
NCS S 1002 G
  • From £35.00
NCS S 1005 Y70R
  • From £35.00
NCS S 0502 G
  • From £35.00